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FPST 2243 EXAM 1 SPRING 1998keys

FPST 2243 EXAM 1 SPRING 1998keys - F PST2243 EXA M 1 SPR I...

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FPST2243 EXAM 1 SPRING 1998 Each question is worth 5 points. It is NOT necessary to give the section reference. 1. According to NFPA 13, what is a small room? (3.3.17) light hazard/unobstructed construction/floor area < 800 sq ft. 2. What is the maximum spacing permitted between hangers on 2-inch PVC pipe? 8 feet (table (a)) 3. What minimum dimensions would angle iron have to have if used in the construction of a trapeze bar supported by joists 6 feet apart if used to support a schedule 40 steel 3-inch pipe? Section modulus =0.49 3 x 2 x ¼ Angle Iron (Tables (a) & (b)) 4. How many gallons of water would be contained in 200 feet of 4-inch schedule 10 black steel pipe? 0.74 gal/ft x 200 ft = 148 gallons (Table A.7.2.3) 5. Give the classification of occupancy for each of the following: a. Bank: Light b. Warehouse with storage to 10 feet high: Ordinary Group 2 c. Dormitory: Light d. Wal-Mart: Ordinary, Group 2 e. Auto parking garage: Ordinary Group 1 6. What is the minimum area permitted to be protected by any CMSA sprinkler?
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