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syl.1113.503.116 updated 26 August 2011 GEOG 1113.503 Introduction to Cultural Geography (Online) Fall 2011 Instructor: Dr. Brad A. Bays Website: Office Phone: (405) 744-9171 (voicemail) Campus Office: 344 Murray Hall (Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-3:30 and by appointment) Communication Guidelines 1. I will email you frequently. PLEASE SAVE MY EMAILS. 2. When you have a general question about the course material, first check the D2L Discussion because your question may already be answered there. If not, please post your question and someone will answer you soon. 3. For help with private questions (grades, problems with you D2L account, etc.), please phone me (405-744-9171), stop by my office to discuss it, or leave a voicemail so that I can return your call. AS PER UNIVERSITY POLICY, I ONLY DISCUSS GRADES BY PHONE OR IN PERSON. 4. If you need to contact me immediately, you can send me a message from Facebook and I’ll get it on my cell phone (and you don’t have to become my Facebook friend to find me and send me a message). 5. If you decide to drop the course, do not block my emails. You will no longer receive my emails once you are officially dropped from the course. 6. If you must email me, you must do so from your OSU email account. Textbook Alyson L. Greiner, Visualizing Human Geography: At Home in a Diverse World (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2011). Course Description and Learning Objectives The course carries two General Education designations. It is listed as a Contemporary International Cultures (I) course designed to broaden your view of the ways of life of contemporary culture groups beyond the United States. It is also designated as a Social Science (S) course that surveys empirical research and theoretical perspectives of a social science discipline. Successful students in this course will: develop basic analytical SKILLS to evaluate visual representations of quantitative data in the form of thematic maps and graphics (S); develop KNOWLEDGE of Human Geography's basic approach, concepts, theoretical principles, and explanatory models, and demonstrate your UNDERSTANDING of them by recognizing definitions or distinguishing among examples (S); demonstrate appropriate APPLICATION of concepts and ANALYSIS of empirical information by classifying observed data according to diagnostic traits and communicating findings in writing (S); gain basic empirical KNOWLEDGE of and develop an intellectually-empathetic UNDERSTANDING for the cultural perspectives and ways of life of contemporary culture groups beyond the United States (I)
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syl.1113.503.116 updated 26 August 2011 Requirements of the Online Course This online course has no prerequisites. However, it is intended only for self-motivated students who do not require a traditional lecture or classroom. The course has strict deadlines and you will be required to complete and submit all work ahead of the deadlines or receive a zero. All quizzes and assignments are graded after their deadlines
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syl.1113.503.116 - syl.1113.503.116 updated 26 August 2011...

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