Day 11 Notes

Day 11 Notes - Day 11 Notes Strange Fruit[song about...

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Day 11 Notes Strange Fruit [song about lynching] Talking about fruit of death Lynched for anything Basic Concepts Race : a social construct used to distinguish people in terms of one or more physical markers, who are believed to share a common blood line. Ethnicity : A large grouping of people that occupy a particular geographical territory and are believed to share the same culture and political authority. Basic Facts about Race Race is a modern idea [ancient society; Greeks used culture to divide groups not race; a modern idea not in the books] Slavery predates race [race and slavery go together; exists way before race] Race used to justify social inequality as natural [depending on what your race is, decides what group you are; inequality is justified by race] Race is socially constructed, not biological [no genes that create; white gene, black gene; mainly used for political use] Most variation occurs within, not between members of “races” [idea that in essence separates differences; varies more within each race rather than 2 different races; debunks the notion of race] Brief History of Race in Early America 1790-US population Homogeneous –WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) -Lack of English emigration [lots of people wanted to stay in England; did not want to come to colonies] -Indentured servitude: system whereby a settler was provided transportation in exchange for 7 years of labor [induce people to leave; contractual obligation]
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Day 11 Notes - Day 11 Notes Strange Fruit[song about...

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