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Day 12 Notes - Day 12 Notes Movie/Clip: Race: The...

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Day 12 Notes Movie/Clip: Race: The Difference Between Us Question of opportunity due to cultural values Ideas of opportunity Racial and Ethnic Identities Race, Ethnicity, and the Census (1790) US Constitution mandates that every person living in America be counted, once every 10 years. Enumeration was used to apportion congressional representation among the states. -Household counts [no individual names, roles, how many men, women, slaves, no individual data taken] -Color (whites, all other free coloreds (people who weren’t white or black, in the middle), slaves) [based on color, not on race, categories] -1850 to 1880: White, Black, and Mulatto [based on color not on race; census takers determined one’s color] -1860: Indians identified in general population; 1900 Indians counted in both reservations & general population [before that time Indians weren’t counted] -1890: Black, Mulatto, Quadroon (1/4), Octoroon(1/8), and White [nonsensical distinctions; based upon political needs at the time people were moved around] -1900: The word “race” first appeared in the census -1930: Mexicans added to the census [before they must have been considered something other than Mexicans] -1960: Self-administered census; choice of other introduced [citizens could define who they were, instead of census takers; choice of being other] -1977: Race/ethnic categories defined for first time
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Day 12 Notes - Day 12 Notes Movie/Clip: Race: The...

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