Day 13 Notes1

Day 13 Notes1 - Video: Race->The House We Live in Most...

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Video: Race-->The House We Live in Most think that physical appearance define race, however, it is not true, there is no such subculture The laws and practices that affect opportunities and chances in life make race , not physical appearance Start of 20th century, lot of immigrants arrived, came seeking freedom, economic opportunities and future for their family o Usually work the hardest yet lowest paid job o 1910, 50% of the mining and factory workers are immigrants o American start to have fears toward immigrants---> racial invasion o Immigrants getting low pay, thus have diseases were proceed as: Natural consequences of innate racial character=biology was destine~ 1910, transformation of European---> Melting pot= European were not consider full white but "in-between" Whiteness was key to citizenship Social political construction= power to decide the rule to classify race White by Law Takao Ozawa, was first Japanese that filed for neutralization o He argues that race doesn't need race, what important is belief and value o Supreme Court rejected his request because he is not white/caucasian
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Day 13 Notes1 - Video: Race->The House We Live in Most...

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