Day 14 Notes

Day 14 Notes - Day 14 Notes...

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Unformatted text preview: Day 14 Notes ise-to-record-highs- The End of Race? Basic Concepts Prejudice : negative attitude toward members of selected racial, ethnic, or other groups Stereotypes : Over-generalizations about the characteristics of members of groups Racism : the belief that members of separate races possess different and unequal human traits Discrimination : actions by dominant-group members aimed at members of a subordinate group that serve to inflict harm The New Jim Crow There are more Blacks under correctional control todayin prison or jail, on probation or parole, than were enslaved in 1850.-As of 2004, more Black men were disenfranchised than in 1870-A black child born today is less likely to be raised by both parents than a back child born during slavery-Felons for life denied basic rights Black imprisonment due to increasing crime rates?...
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Day 14 Notes - Day 14 Notes...

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