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Day 18 Notes - Day 18 Notes Baby I Was Born This Way [by...

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Day 18 Notes ♫ Baby I Was Born This Way ♫ [by lady gaga; way you were born is unchangeable, natural] Sex as Biological Sex: an individual’s membership in one of two biologically distinct categories – male or female -Genitalia [penis = man, vagina = female] -Hormones [more testosterone = men, more estrogen = female] -Physical Strength [belief men are naturally stronger than women; body types of men give them greater capabilities -Brain architecture [men are rational, women are irrational; men are guided by reason, women by emotions] -Sex Chromosomes [XX, XY] All these support the notion that men and women are the only two distinct categories Sex as Deterministic? Challenges to Static Notions of Sex -Intersex/hermaphrodite: someone who is born with an abnormal chromosomal makeup and mixed or indeterminate male and female sex characteristics [challenges the norm] -Transsexual: a person born with the physical characteristics of one sex who emotionally and psychologically feels that they belong to the opposite sex -Story of David Reimer [became Brenda due to health issues; born as a boy had sex change; doctor decides nurture wins over nature; eventually changed back to a male and committed suicide from being depressed; there is a relationship between nurture and nature] -One-sex model [before 18 th century male body seen as only body; female bodies seen as inversions of the women body; model became separate after 18 th century] Something outside of biology that determines one’s sex
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Day 18 Notes - Day 18 Notes Baby I Was Born This Way [by...

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