Day 19 Notes

Day 19 Notes - Day 19 Notes K illing Us Softly 3...

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Day 19 Notes Killing Us Softly 3 – Advertising’s Image of Women Have You Done Your Gender Lately? Gender Socialization Gender-Role Socialization: lifelong process whereby people learn the values, attitudes, motivations, and behaviors considered appropriate to each sex according to their culture -Parents treat children differently from birth based on their sex category -At an early age, children develop stereotypical conceptions of both genders, and begin to use these conceptions to organize their knowledge and behavior -Peers teach and reinforce gender norms -“proper” behavior is reinforced through rewards while inappropriate behavior is punished Separate Spheres: the idea that men and women have mutually exclusive social roles, based on innate differences, and whole division is marked by such distinctions as home/work and private/ public Pre-Industrial Revolution - Work was not distinct from home [work at home was one; work was done at home] -men and women have primary responsibilities for different tasks [hunter, gatherers, masculine task, and feminine task] -men and women valued for contributions to both work and home Post-Industrial Revolution -Work separate from the home [factory; go to work] -paid work & public life = men -unpaid work and private life = women -men/work/public more valuable than women/home/private Women depreciated/care taking not real work Why did women become associated only with the home and domestic responsibilities? -Women give birth and are viewed as natural mothers
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Day 19 Notes - Day 19 Notes K illing Us Softly 3...

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