Day 21 Notes

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Day 21 Notes Men Women Sex -Player -Pimp -Alpha Male -“Real” Man -Good Looking -Show Off -Fling -Charismatic -STDs -Rich -Fur -Cocky -Not emotional -smooth talker -sleezy -low self-esteem -whore -likes alcohol -provocative -easy -outgoing -unintelligent -classless -no self-respect -loose morals -slutty -bitch No Sex -pathetic -geeky
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Unformatted text preview: -weak-wimp-awkward-not capable-religious-workaholic-impotent-gay-unattractive-no social life-no game-nice-boyish-conservative-pure-prude-tease-waiting for marriage-valuable-religious-homebody-reserved-virginal-buddy-low sexual awareness Sexual activity determines identity Movies: Tough Guise...
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