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Day 24 Notes - pressure to live up to society’s ideals...

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Day 24 Notes It Costs To Be Poor Single < 65 11,161 $930 Female Adult: 21 Single >= 65 10,289 $857 Female :65 Single Parent, 1 Child 14,787 $1,232 Father and son: 10yr old child 2Parents, 2 Kids, 21,756 $1,813 Male/Female, 10 and 15yr children Food 300 100 200 400 Clothing 50 25 20 75 Housing 350 400 550 1100 Transportation 40 32 50 60 Insurance 40 200 30 / Misc. 150 100 100 178 Related to transportation; having access to things; wealth and income, the importance is that it’s necessary to ensure quality of life, part of their identity; more money = less
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Unformatted text preview: pressure to live up to society’s ideals Money = make or break for us, huge deal Opportunities are limited; everyone does not have the same chance Negative views on poor people = limit our ability to understand how to or what it is like to be poor Portion wise, poor people pay more taxes than millionaires Political debate: the poor are free loaders, demonizing poor people Rich get richer, poor get poorer Non-equity Evaluate on how we think about poverty...
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