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midterm2_11a - Yellow Physics 9A-C Name Midterm 2 last 4 ID...

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Yellow Name: Phy9A-C, Midterm 1 Page 1 of 3 Cole-UCDavis Physics 9A-C Midterm 2 last 4 ID: May 20, 2011 Put your name on all pages of the exam. There are five problems (20 points each) on three pages. Work problems on these pages. Except for problem #1, no credit will be given for answers without work. Answers must have correct units. Remember that the grader must be able to understand your solution to give you partial credit; therefore, explain your solutions clearly and intelligently. Incomprehensible work will receive no partial credit. Good Luck! [1] Circle the answer that correctly completes the sentence. a) Linear momentum is conserved only when ( Í F √

 = 0 | energy is conserved | only conservative forces act | all of the above | none of the above ). b) Potential energy can ( always | sometimes | never ) be defined for a kinetic friction force. c) The condition for mechanical equilibrium of a rigid body is ( Í F = 0 | Í = 0 | both of the above | none of the above) .
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