Classroom Management - CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT 1 Classroom...

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CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT 1 Classroom Management AED/200 December 12, 2010
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CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT 2 Classroom Management My idea of effective classroom management would be based on the Constructivist Theory of education. In years past, this type of learning has not been very popular with many educators in different school districts. I feel that with the many cultures in today’s classroom, there is a need for a different type of learning environment. With the Constructivist Theory, the students would have the freedom to learn with different point of views or with a flexible classroom and a flexible teacher. In this paper, I will describe my approach to classroom organization, discipline, motivation and teaching style based on the constructivist theory. There is a fine line between the Constructivist Theory and the Behaviorist Theory in today’s classroom, and the first thing that would be discussed between myself and the students, would be discipline and organization. The students need to understand that this class is not based on a Behaviorist Theory. Although there are still rules that need to be followed by the students
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Classroom Management - CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT 1 Classroom...

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