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Technology in Education Project - Running head TECHNOLOGY...

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Running head: TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION PROJECT 1 Technology in Education Project AED/200 January 9, 2010
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TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION PROJECT 2 Technology in Education Project After performing a small amount of research, I have found that there is a vast amount of technology that is being used in classrooms every day. Since I had to narrow down to only one type of technology I would use in my future classroom, I chose Interactive Whiteboards. It has been years since I have been a student in any classroom, and I was not completely familiar with how an Interactive Whiteboard would and could be used in today’s classrooms. Interactive Whiteboards are not even used in the school district where my children currently attend school. This could be due to funding, as Interactive Whiteboards could be costly to any school district; especially struggling school districts. “The twenty-first century has ushered in many technological opportunities for teachers. The traditional lecture format has evolved significantly as the face of education changes” (LaRoche, 2010.) What makes the reality of newer technological devices being used in the classroom is the technology being used around us all, everyday. Interactive Whiteboards does fall into the catergory of new age, state of the art technology devices. All the while giving not only students an advantage on learning, but also the teachers many advantages as well. “ The use
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