Science Experiment - SCIENCE EXPERIMENT 1 Science...

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Unformatted text preview: SCIENCE EXPERIMENT 1 Science Experiment AED/203 September 4, 2011 SCIENCE EXPERIMENT 2 Science Experiment This science experiment will be performed by fifth grade students, but it is age appropriate for younger or older children as well. The class will be grouped in pairs of two and work together as lab partners. The experiment will be “Growing Your Own Crystals,” an old but classic project that will help teach the class about Earth Science and Geology. The materials needed for the experiment will be the following: Epsom Salt Food Coloring Water Pie Pan Measuring Cups Mixing Bowl Sponges Ensuring safety of all students’ parent permission shall be obtained, emergency procedures reviewed, and student wear safety goggles, apron, and used hot towels. These are the additional materials that are required and utilized in every class experiment. Once students are grouped in pairs of two, received all of the materials required, and dressed in safety standards. The first step is cutting the sponges into six separate pieces and dressed in safety standards....
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Science Experiment - SCIENCE EXPERIMENT 1 Science...

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