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Resources in the Classroom I can remember many experiments in my science classes every one of those classrooms was in the same school, district, or even county; this makes a relevance to all teachers especially science teachers. In most instances science teachers are willing to bring in items from home for experiments as a donation and also provide some funding for his or her science class. There are many resources for Science teachers to take advantage of and depend upon. As, a Science teacher, I would perform a tremendous amount of research to find all of the available resources for donations of items such as unused chemicals, beakers, aprons, goggles, or financial
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Unformatted text preview: donations, or old and expired items. Teachers are responsible for each student in his or her classroom, but teaching science holds more responsibility for a teacher. Some of the experiments that could demonstrate a important learning opportunity, but be dangerous and precautions are a must. As a Science teacher would make sure to make the parents aware of my planned class experiments, and requesting permission for the students to perform the experiments. Making the students aware of the safety procedures that should be taken during experiments, and informing the class of all emergency procedures that could happen during the experiments....
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