Approaches to Teaching Social Studies

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Approaches to Teaching Social Studies Social Studies always has been a favorite subject of mine, and I will enjoy teaching this subject ominously; regardless of the historical topic. As a parent and a future teacher, I have and will, approach teaching this subject following Lawrence Kohlberg’s approach. I believe through moral reasoning students would achieve a better understanding of the moral dilemmas many historical events have placed people in at times. Presenting the moral dilemma to the students through readings and presentations, performing class discussions, and having the students knowingly or unknowingly think critically about the topic, researching, and working independently or in groups on a paper, presentation, or
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Unformatted text preview: assignment; by doing these things the students will form their own opinions and learn more about the historical event. Returning later to discuss their opinions and match all the materials with fact. While teaching the subject of Social Studies, I will make sure to take into consideration the age group of students I am teaching, and to follow the guidelines recommended by my state. These actions will also help me decide the type of the materials and topics I am teaching the class. Controversial and non controversial historical events will be treated the same way by being presented with truth and facts, and within the states guidelines....
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