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Approaches to Teaching Language Arts Some examples of lessons in a traditional classroom are oral book reports, lectures, silent and aloud reading of teacher chosen materials. Also repetitive handwriting worksheets will give the students much needed practice for learning new words, the meanings, and improvement of his or her handwriting, but not keep the students actively participating or giving the incentive to want to continue learning as much as a constructivist classroom. In a constructivist classroom, these language processes are integrated into all subject fields and based on the knowledge of the students. Teaching a classroom with a constructivist approach when teaching language arts, or any subject for that matter, the teacher is able to motivate the students. Students will become more active with participation, because they are encouraged more due to the relation of the subject and their prior knowledge. Students gain the
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Unformatted text preview: incentive to learn more about the subject because of the interest and having an understanding of the subject already. I prefer the constructivist approach over the traditional classroom. I know from my memory as a child and teenager I was always intrigued more to learn about the subject when I was able to relate to the subject we were learning in class. Most of the things I learned I am still able to remember today and use in my daily life today; especially regarding the subject Science. This is also the reason I believe the constructivist approach is much more effective than the traditional approach. Much of what I learned in school regarding Math, other than the basics, I have almost completely forgotten, this is because the subject was not made interesting to me and I had no real relation to my prior knowledge or any real life situations....
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