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Effective Lesson Plan - the guessing game can also motivate...

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Effective Lesson Plan Math can be a really hard subject to motivate students; especially those students who struggle with math. Measuring a guinea pig cage with a real live guinea inside would motivate almost all of the students. Another way to add to this motivation would be allowing the students to hold the guinea pig or have the guinea pig be the class pet the entire year. Then when this part of math comes into the lesson plan introduce the guinea pig in a different way; such as holding it because the students really were not able to hold the guinea pig beforehand. Questions could be created easily by asking the students to guess if they can tell how long the length and width of the cage is, and then have them measure or measure it myself. Playing
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Unformatted text preview: the guessing game can also motivate the students to want to participate and at the same time create prompts. Another way create question prompts is by asking the students draw the cage just like instructed in the experienced teachers lesson plan. The evaluation of the lesson’s objective can be made by observing the students drawing the pictures and measuring the shapes and their math skills. If they are measuring correctly then the students will have no problem finding P. A lesson plan becomes effective when the students are interacting with the lesson itself and have understood what you as their teacher have explained to them about the lesson and the skills to complete the lesson....
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