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The Roles of Home, School, and Society A student’s home life plays an extensive role in his or her education. These students come to school with acquired knowledge and preconceived values from their homes. Depending on the ideas, whether they are positive or negative, the teacher is left to figure out what to do with these beliefs and principles. There is also the issue of the student’s family financial situation. They may not be able to provide the necessary tools to help the student excel in class. Situations like this will hinder the student’s ability to learn and be their best academically. Society provides an essential part of a student’s goals and standards by giving the student a sense of ethics and morals. By giving the students a picture of how they are to interact with
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Unformatted text preview: other people through education. Because of societal views the government has passed many laws establishing standards for students, and educational institutes are supposed to meet these requirements (Lemlech, 2006.) These laws have provided teachers and schools government funds and programs to each student’s capability to learn and excel academically. As a teacher I would take advantage of any funds or programs that are available to me. I would also get more acquainted with my students and get to know their personalities and establish a relationship with them; trust can be key and an advantage to helping economically disadvantage students become more capable of learning the curriculum....
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