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Reading and Writing Development - Running head READING AND...

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Running head: READING AND WRITING DEVELOPMENT 1 Reading and Writing Development AED 202 May 1, 2011
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READING AND WRITING DEVELOPMENT 2 Reading and Writing Development The two age groups in the physical developmental period that are being compared in this paper are Early Childhood and Adolescence. Each group is vastly different in ages, but there is still a comparison that can be made among the two age groups. Choosing these two groups was easy because of the dramatic differences between the two, and for me they are the most interesting phases of the developmental periods. So many changes happen to children during these two developmental periods. The early childhood group is distinguished between the ages of two through six years of age. Children in this age group are typically in preschool with their language skills still developing rapidly. The physical developmental period, adolescence, contains children between the ages of 10 through 14 years old. Preschool and kindergarten children develop reading and writing skills simultaneously. One area of development supports the other. It is as important for teachers to provide a variety of authentic writing experiences as it is to provide opportunities to explore and learn about reading. Incorporating writing into your daily schedule is essential to supporting children's emergent literacy development (Benson, 2004.) Children of all ages go through developmental stages in learning to read and write. The best support for children in the early childhood developmental period is when the child’s current reading and writing skills are determined; giving the teacher an opportunity to provide appropriate opportunities for expansion. Children between the ages of two through six years old are acquiring numerous skills all
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Reading and Writing Development - Running head READING AND...

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