Social and Moral Development

Social and Moral Development - Running head SOCIAL AND...

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Running head: SOCIAL AND MORAL DEVELOPMENT 1 Social and Moral Development AED/202 May 15, 2011
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SOCIAL AND MORAL DEVELOPMENT 2 Social and Moral Development During a child’s moral and social development a child have many different levels and stages. Every child develops at his or her own pace, but there are developmental points to pay attention to they grow. As children grow he or she hit many different milestones that help them become the personality that is assumed as an adult. Everyone begins as infants instantly starting to learn anything and everything from the environment in which they are immersed into and grow the most from automatically. Children go through many different stages and an important one that a child must develop through and gain is the social and morality stages. The chosen age group from week six is the early childhood, which includes the ages two through six years old. During early childhood children begin in preschool at three years old and would typically end kindergarten at six years old. A child at the age of six years old would be at level one preconventional morality at stage two exchanges of favors. A six year old student will realize more directly that there are rewards for good behavior and consequences for bad behavior. The realization that not only the individual student’s direct needs to priority; a give and take situation is able to be worked out with understanding the student must give to receive. Rules must be established, during early childhood and directly in the end of the stage, children will and do test the limitations and rules. The early adolescence period is from the ages ten to fourteen years old. A student at the
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Social and Moral Development - Running head SOCIAL AND...

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