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Reading and Writing Strategies Reading to children, even if only for ten minutes a night is single the best way to promote reading in children. Some strategies parents can do at home to help their children improve their reading skills are the following. For older children, typically between first and second grade can read to a parent while cooking or cleaning and to younger siblings for practice; this also helps the younger siblings with their reading skills. Visiting the library and book stores helps build a small children’s library at home. Then there is dedicating one night a week or month to family reading night. The whole family should get together and read together. When children see that their
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Unformatted text preview: parents read too shows the children that reading is fun and an enjoyable activity. Playing word games with children can help them build their vocabulary and spelling skills. Parents can have their children write notes or letters to family members for good writing practice. These small activities when done at home allow the children recognize the words at school and see the real word usage at school. Parents can perform these small simple activities at home and improve their childs reading and writing skills tremendously. Small things like labeling objects around the home, looking at newspapers and magazines, and writing lists are great starters....
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