4011-rohedi-physics-2868-rohedi-physics-formula circle area

4011-rohedi-physics-2868-rohedi-physics-formula circle area...

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Rohedi's Technique of Finding Area and Circumference of a Circle. Dear All, As you know, the conventional way for finding area and circumference of a circle have been teached at high school on the chapter of integral applications, while the advanced way are commonly given at university on calculus topic. But after launching the New Pi exact Formula that posted at , and also at the leave comment's several articles of rohedi.com, further I launch Rohedi's Technique of finding area and circumference of a circle using The New Pi Exact Formula from me. As explained on the article, the general form of the new Pi exact formula Pi=2*[arcsin(a/b) + arcsin(sqrt(1-(a/b)^2))], . ....................... (1) was obtained using ratio of circle area (A) to square of its radius (b^2), where b is radius of the circle, while a is the distant from b point at circle arc to one of the circle's cartesis axis. In other word, for a circle of R radius, and taking a=R*sin(theta) where 0<theta<pi/2, we can write the
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4011-rohedi-physics-2868-rohedi-physics-formula circle area...

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