Step One - Final paper 1 Final paper Earlwood Armstrong...

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Final paper 1 Final paper Earlwood Armstrong PSY/202 Thomas King September 26, 2011 Final paper
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Final paper 2 As I have previously mentioned in earlier writing; most people don’t know me well enough; otherwise, they would realize that I am a flawed individual, deeply flawed. Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Earlwood Nelson Armstrong, I was born April 24 th , 1969, in Syracuse, New York. Even though, I have lived here most of my life, I have lived in many different places but the only place that I really ever felt like home was the Westside of Syracuse. As for religion, which was hardly discussed in our house, growing up, I was baptized as catholic but I am a non-practicing catholic though. I would love to say that my family was just your typical family but then I would be lying. They are dysfunctional at best; I am the oldest of six children. I have four sisters, and one brother, we were raised to be close together; which is probably why we argue so much with each other. My family and me seemed like a happy bunch but truth be told there was turmoil inside of most of our childhoods. My childhood was not a picnic for myself or my siblings either. Most people from the outside thought we were the typical family but that was not even close to the truth. We were always best at not displaying our true nature, especially towards people that are not in our immediate family. Take my own childhood for example; I have more than a few painful memories from my childhood; such as my father coming in and out of my life like a revolving door, not knowing if or when he was coming home. I remember the yelling and fighting between my parents; which I know is the reason that me and my siblings sought out dysfunctional relationships with the opposite sex when we grew into young adulthood. There are quite a few of pleasant memories that I have growing up in my family; such as my father taking us fishing and camping at the spur of a moment’s notice. He was like that, we often would not know what he was going to do, he was so unpredictable. I mean he would leave; then a few days later he would just show up out of the blue and surprise us with a camping or fishing trip, for no
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Step One - Final paper 1 Final paper Earlwood Armstrong...

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