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Clinical Assessment 1 Clinical Assessment Sabrina Armstrong PSY/270 August 21 st , 2011 Julie Bruno
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Clinical Assessment 2 Clinical Assessment What other information would you like to learn during the interview with the family? I will start by introducing myself to tell Clara. I would ask her what cartoons she watches the reason why I would ask this question is to get her comfortable. The next question I would ask her is what school she attends. I would then ask do she have any friends at the school and does anyone be mean to her at the school. I would ask her parents have they set up an appointment with the teacher to see if this same behavior happens at the school. What questions would I ask? I would ask the family if they had any information on Clara’s birth family, what were the circumstances surrounding her adoption? Did Clara’s birth family voluntarily give her up for adoption or was Clara forcibly taken from them, if so, why? Was Clara in a foster home? Are there any siblings in the family, if so, are they older or younger, same sex or opposite sex? Is there a daily routine in place for Clara? How has Clara been in your custody? Is there anything in particular that seems to trigger Clara’s tantrums? Have you found any methods that make these tantrums better or worse? Has anything happened at school recently? I also ask open-ended questions, to get more details of what may be going on in their household. Such as “Would you tell me more about yourself?” This allows the interviewer to follow interesting leads and to explore relevant topics that may not be anticipated before the interview. I would also ask if there were any changes in the family setting, such as relocating or
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Clinical Assessment - Clinical Assessment 1 Clinical...

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