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Pre-Socratic Philosophers - Pre-Socratic Philosophers I...

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Pre-Socratic Philosophers I just could not decide between Thales and Heraclitus because they both made compelling arguments in what they believed to be true during the time that they both lived. I thought that Thales was the most compelling of the Pre-Socratics as well as have the most compelling ideas. Thales believed that a basic substance made up everything and that this basic substance had to be something flexible that could appear in many different forms. The basic substance Thales believed made up everything was water. Even though Thales conclusion was found to be wrong it was not a farfetched idea and made a lot of sense because water is flexible and has many different forms. I believe Thales idea was compelling because of all the things in the world a person could think of he went with the one that was logical and made the most sense. In my opinion Thales was not completely wrong about water; water is a part of almost everything in the world. The body is 50 percent water and can not survive without water. The earth is 75 percent water and
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