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PHI 105 DQ - What is the connection between habit and moral...

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What is the connection between habit and moral character? Do you think a bad habit is indicative of bad moral character, or are habits, by definition, more objective in their scope? The things people usually put in the category of "bad habits" don't have much to do with moral character at all. Most of them are things that a person does to himself, and since no one else is hurt it is not immoral. If you use a looser definition of habit , then you will see a connection. When a situation turns up where you have to choose between hurting yourself to do the right thing, or saving yourself and hurting someone else instead, your moral character will be shaped by what you habitually do in these situations. If you choose to do the right thing until it is a habit and you barely think about doing the wrong thing, which habit shapes your 'real' morality--the stuff that comes through in your actions as well as your words. If you make a habit of seeing what you
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