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Post-lab assignment Lab topic: Macromolecules 2: Polysaccharides, nucleic acids 1. Explain the results you obtained using benedict’s test on sucrose solution. 2. Explain the results you obtained using Lugol reagent with starch. 3. Why does hydrolysis of starch take longer than hydrolysis of sucrose? 4. Since potatoes have starch in them, why don’t they taste sweet after they are boiled?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What subunits make up: -Carbohydrates -Nucleic acids 6. Human cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes in their nuclei. How many molecules of genomic (nuclear) DNA do human cells have? 7. What is the role of EDTA in the lysis buffer during the isolation of DNA? 8. 1 ml = 1000 l; 0.5 ml = . .l 1 l = 10-3 ml; 15 l = ml (use scientific notation)...
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