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Grad presentation feedback assignment

Grad presentation feedback assignment - neatness clutter...

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Graduate/Faculty Presentations Sept. 23, 2011 Name: __________________________________ Presentation (name or #) List an aspect of the presentation that you felt was done well (you can list more if you wish) List something that could be improved about the presentation Things to think about: Did the presenter make eye contact and project his/her voice through the room? Did the presenter have confidence and poise? Did the presenter have some annoying or nervous habit that was distracting (e.g. swirling the laser pointer, saying “um” a lot, etc.) Was the pace of presentation appropriate? Were the slides easy to read (colors, fonts, placement of diagrams, figures easy to read & understand,
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Unformatted text preview: neatness, clutter)? • Were the slides arranged logically? • Were the slides helpful to the presentation or just gratuitous? Assignment: Turn in this sheet along with one paragraph (~ 5-10 sentences) describing one topic you heard about that was interesting and why you thought so. If appropriate, state one part your felt could have been explained better or you wish you had more details about. Please list the student’s name or the presentation number associated with your choice. This part of your assignment (the paragraph) will be shared with the student to give him/her some feedback....
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