Nanomech-MecE 682-Syllabus2011

Nanomech-MecE 682-Syllabus2011 - MecE 682 A1 (Sept.-Dec....

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MecE 682 A1 (Sept.-Dec. 2011) Nanomechanics Lecture : MWF 11:00-11:50. Place : MecE Bldg. MEC 4-16. Office Hours : Fridays, 13:00-15:00. Instructor : Dr. CQ Ru (5-8D, MecE Bldg. Tel.492-4477. Email: ). Objectives of the Course : This course is intended to meet wide interest in an introductory course on mechanical behavior of nano-sized materials and devices, and to equip engineering students with relevant knowledge and technical skills of mechanics of nanoscale materials and structures. Basic Course Contents 1 Surface Forces at Nano/Micro Scale van der Waals forces Casimir forces * Electrostatic forces Capillary forces 2 Adhesion Mechanics JKR model of contact mechanics Tip-surface interaction and adhesion Adhesion by capillary forces Surface instability of compliant solids * 3. Micro/Nano Beams and Nanotubes Casimir forces in MEMS/NEMS Simple spring model for microbeam arrays Dissipation in MEMS/NEMS Surface stress effect on nanowires (NWs) Elastic models for carbon nanotubes
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Nanomech-MecE 682-Syllabus2011 - MecE 682 A1 (Sept.-Dec....

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