CHEM151Exam IV Review Sheet

Chemistry (MasteringChemistry Series)

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Unformatted text preview: Exam III Review Sheet: Chapter 9: Gases • Know definitions of states of matter • Atmospheric Pressure – definition and how is it determined (barometer) ‐ Pressure = force/area ‐ Know how to convert units of Pressure (do not need to know conversion factors) ‐ The unit atmosphere (atm) is based on the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level and 0°C • Kinetic Molecular Theory – Know the 5 postulates ‐ Tiny particles move in random straight line motion ‐ Volume of particle is negotiable compared to total volume of gas ‐ They move independently of each other ‐ Pressure is from the collisions of the particles with the wall of the container ‐ Kinetic energy is proportional to temperature • Gas Laws – Know the following and how the two variables relate (i.e. directly or inversely) ‐ Boyles – V & P ‐ Charles – V & T ‐ Avogadro’s – V & n ‐ Be able to answer relation questions (i.e. If temperature is increased what happens to pressure?) • Ideal Gas Law: Know both equations: PV=nRT and...
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CHEM151Exam IV Review Sheet - Exam III Review Sheet:...

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