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CHEM151Take-home Q2 Key

Chemistry (MasteringChemistry Series)

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Take Home Quiz #2 (DUE Friday September 12 th , 2008) Name Date Score 1) Classify (i.e. alkali metal, halogen, and etc…), name, and provide the oxidation number (if it exists) of each of the following elements. a. Mg Magnesium, Alkaline Earth Metal, +2 b. Cl Chlorine, Halogen, 1 c. Ar Argon, Noble Gas, no oxidation d. Zn Zinc, Transition Metal, +2 2) Identify each as a physical or chemical property or change. a. Density Physical b. Corrosiveness Chemical c. Metal Rusting – Chemical Change d. Dew forming in the morning hours (yeah right ) – Physical Change 3) How many significant figures should be reported in each of the following calculations? (hint: it helps to do the calculation)
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Unformatted text preview: a. ଴.଴ଵଵାଵ.ଵଶ ସ.଴ଵଷ ൌ ଵ.ଵଷ ସ.଴ଵଷ ൌ 0.282 (3 sig figs) b. 4.65 ൈ ସ.ଷ଺଻ ଵ.ଶ = 17 (2 sig figs) 4) What is the SI unit for each of the following? a. Mass – Kilograms b. Temperature ‐ Kelvin c. Volume – m 3 d. Pressure ‐ Pascal 5) Perform the following conversions. a. Convert 445.6 mL to Liters 445.6mlൈ 1L 1000ml ൌ 0.4456L b. Convert 12.1 ml to cm 3 12.1 cm 3 c. Convert 25.3°C to Kelvin 25.3 + 273 = 298.3 K d. Convert 4,500.6 mg to kilograms 4500.6mgൈ 1g 1000mg ൈ 1kg 1000g ൌ 0.0045006 kg...
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CHEM151Take-home Q2 Key - a ଴.଴ଵଵାଵ.ଵ...

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