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CHEM151Take-home Q4 Key

Chemistry (MasteringChemistry Series)

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Take Home Quiz #4 (DUE Friday September 19 th , 2008) Name Date Score 1) Answer the following: a. How was the first periodic table arranged by Mendeleev and Meyer? How is the current day periodic table arranged? Mendeleev used atomic mass and other properties Current day is arranged by atomic number and other properties b. Electromagnetic radiation is composed of which two components? Magnetic and Electric c. What are the two properties of waves? Briefly explain each. Wavelength – distance between the same two points on the crest or the trough Frequency – number of wave cycles per second d. Concisely explain the amplitude of light. The height of the crest or the trough The intensity of the light 2) Answer the following: a. What is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle? Cannot measure the wavelength and speed of the electron b. Explain what was learned from the Double Slit Experiment. Electrons act as waves, but when directly observed they act as particles c. What is an Atomic Spectra? How is this applied to astronomy?
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