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Chemistry (MasteringChemistry Series)

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Take-Home Quiz #6 (DUE Wednesday October 22 th , 2008) N a m e D a t e S c o r e A. Name the following compounds. Each question has only one correct answer . d _____ 1. AgHCO 3 a. silver oxalate. b. silver(II) bicarbonate. c. gold(I) bicarbonate. d. silver bicarbonate. e. none of these. b _____ 2. SO 3 a. sulfur(IV) oxide. b. sulfur trioxide. c. sulfite. d. monosulfur trioxide. e. none of these. e _____ 3. Mn(SO 4 ) 2 a. magnesium sulfate. b. manganese(II) sulfate. c. magnesium(II) sulfate. d. magnesium(IV) sulfate. e. none of these. a _____ 4. K 2 C 2 O 4 a. potassium oxalate. b. dipotassium dicarbon tetraoxide. c. potassium(I) phthalate. d. potassium carbonate. e. none of these. c _____ 5. MgSO 3 a. magnesium sulfate. b. magnesium(II) sulfide. c. magnesium sulfite. d. manganese(II) sulfite. e. none of these. d _____ 6. BaH 2 a. barium hydroxide. b. barium(II) dihydride. c. bromine hydride. d. barium hydride. e. none of these.
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CHEM151Take-home Q6 - Take-Home Quiz#6(DUE Wednesday October 22th 2008 Name Date Score A Name the following compounds Each question has only one

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