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CHEM151Take-home Q7 Key

Chemistry (MasteringChemistry Series)

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Unformatted text preview: Take‐Home Quiz #7 (DUE Wednesday October 22th, 2008) Name Date Score 1) Draw the possible Lewis structures of the following. Identify the center atom’s hybridization. (5 points) a. NO2‐ 3 electron groups = sp2 hybridization b. CH3F 4 electron groups = sp3 hybridization c. XeF4 6 electron groups = sp3d2 hybridization d. SeF4 5 electron groups = sp3d hybridization e. SiO2 2 electron groups = sp hybridization 2) Draw the possible resonance structures of NO3‐. (1 point) 3) Determine the molecular geometries and bond angles of the following. (3 points) a. BF3 (it helps to draw the lewis structures) b. PCl5 Molecular Geometry = Trigonal Planar Bond Angle = 120˚ c. OF2 Molecular Geometry = Trigonal Bipyramidal Bond Angles = 120˚ & 90˚ Molecular Geometry = Bent Bond Angle = <109.5˚ 4) Define the following. (1 point) a. Sigma Bond End‐to‐End Overlap Hybrid orbitals used Every bond has exactly one sigma b. Pi Bond Side‐to‐Side Overlap p & d orbitals used Found as 2nd bond in a double bond Found as 2nd & 3rd bond in a triple bond ...
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  • Electron Groups, Trigonal Planar  Bond, Trigonal Bipyramidal   Bond, Bond  End‐to‐End Overlap, Bond  Side‐to‐Side Overlap

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