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Chemistry (MasteringChemistry Series)

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Group Work 2, CHM 152, Burk, Names: __________________________________ due 2-13-09 3pm Papers will NOT be accepted after 3pm because I need to post the key so you can study for the exam over the weekend. 1. Consider the following mechanism: elementary step one: H 2 O 2(aq) + I - (aq) J H 2 O(l) + OI - (aq) elementary step two: H 2 O 2(aq) + OI - (aq) J H 2 O(l) + O 2 (g) + I - (aq) a. What is the intermediate? ___________ b. What is the catalyst? _______________ c. What is the overall reaction? ______________________________________________ d. What is the molecularity for step one? ________________ e. What is the molecularity for step two? ________________ f. If the real rate law is rate = k [H 2 O 2 ][OI - ] then which step is rate determining? ________ 2. Circle true or false. a. Most collisions results in product formation. True False b. If the [reactant] increases, the rate increases. True False c. If the collision energy is greater than the activation energy, products always will form. True False 3. The activation energy for a reaction is 106 kJ/mol.
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Unformatted text preview: At 298 K the rate constant is 3.46 x 10-5 s-1 . At what temperature is the rate constant 9.63 x 10-5 s-1 ? Show your work and circle your answer. a. 0.305 K b. 305 K c. 328 K d. 829 K e. 291 K 4. What is the name for a positive electron? _______________ 5. What exactly is an alpha particle made of? ________________________________ 6. Americium-241 is used in smoke detectors and it is an alpha emitter. Write the alpha decay reaction. 7. Write the beta decay reaction for strontium-90. 8. Write the positron decay reaction for iodine-124, which is used in therapeutic PET scans. 9. Write the electron capture reaction for aluminum-26. 10. Fill in the blank. 23 11 Na + ___________ J 24 11 Na + 1 1 H 11. Fill in the blank. 59 27 Co + 1 n J 56 25 Mn + ___________ 12. Magnesium-28 has a half-life of 21.0 hours. How much of a 34.5 gram sample would remain after 4.00 days? Show your work....
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