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Chemistry (MasteringChemistry Series)

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CHM 152 Summer 2009 Group Work 7 Names: _____________________________________________ 1. What nuclear particle has basically zero mass and a plus one charge? a. electron b. positron c. alpha d. beta e. proton 2. Bismuth-208 (Bi) is the daughter of electron capture. What is the parent isotope? a. 208 82 Pb b. 209 83 Bi c. 208 84 Po d. 207 82 Pb e. 209 84 Po 3. This radioactive decay process occurs when an atom is metastable. a. alpha b. beta c. positron
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Unformatted text preview: d. electron capture e. gamma 4. Radon-222 undergoes alpha emission with a half-life of 3.823 days. If 50.0 grams of radon gas were in a closed basement, how many grams would be left after 19.00 hours? a. 43.3g b. 1.60g c. 31.0g d. 40.7g e. 18.1g 5. Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5730 years. How old is a bone that has 77.2% of its carbon-14 remaining? a. 4420y b. 2140y c. 3.60 x 10 4 y d. 1.209y e. 21.39y...
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