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25_history 261_091411 - ODS Code 25 History 261 Indian...

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ODS Code 25 History 261 9/14/11 Indian Subcontinent: Indus and Indo-Aryans Indus River Valley and Aryan India (c. 1500-500 BCE) Harappa Mohenjo-Daro Indo-Aryan Nomadic Tribes Indus Valley Civilization Use of writing- Diffusion of ideas, views, religious beliefs and practices, and just to keep records - writing - key component to early complex society - NOT clear evidence for political and religious authority -Leaders- connection to divine, but no defined evidence of leader- temples, records, etc sucramundane - transcendental realms of divine Seal Special connection -Man has connection beyond this world -suggests the possibility discipline for him and maybe others -this seal and picture used is NOT used in random ways, but we have no way of deciphering it - divine figure - he is or has connection *We have inferences * We have Foundations Public Granary -ruins preserved to this degree are difficult to find in other areas -master urban planners
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-High degree of order -High degree of discipline-common world view to live together -No evidence of political complex or temples as we do in Egypt or Africa What is authority in this society? We
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25_history 261_091411 - ODS Code 25 History 261 Indian...

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