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Langston1 Eric S. Langston Communication and Conflict Dr. Joseph Folger Conflict Analysis Paper March 9, 2011 Conflict is the interaction of interdependent people who perceive incompatibility and the possibility of interference from others as a result of this incompatibility (Folger, 4). Incompatibility consists of differences in goals, objectives, resources, behavior, values, attitudes, and beliefs. Although there are many ways to approach conflicts, one may suggest that the most challenging aspect of dealing with conflict is listening to the other party. Many times people attempt to escape conflict because there are negative connotations associated with conflict. In actuality conflict is a part of everyday life, and if you are not involved in conflict, you should be worried; conflict is neutral because it is an interaction. There are many assumptions related to the nature of conflict, but there is one assumption that is very significant, which is the assumption that conflict is always related to change. When one thinks about change, it is rarely connected with gain. Society typically defines change as negative or experiencing a loss. Another assumption in regards to conflict is that not all conflicts can be resolved, but only managed because some conflicts do not have solutions. This paper is designed to take an interpersonal conflict and analyze it through the lens of both cognitive and interactional theories; the theories that will be used to analyze the conflict are Attribution theory and Coordinated Management of Meaning theory. The conflict that will be reviewed deals with a brother and a sister who are fraternal twins. The conflict takes place after a huge snow storm, and the sister is on her way out of the house for the day. After the sister leaves with her infant daughter, a few moments later she returns in the house to ask her brother for help because her tires seem to be stuck in the snow/ice
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Langston2 and she is not able to move her car. Her brother was also on his way out of the house, but he put off what he was getting ready to do in order to help his sister dig out of her parking spot. The brother goes out and begins to shovel and chip away at the ice that surrounded his sisters back tires. The ice would not chip right away, so the brother suggested that the sister take her daughter out of the car and take her back in the house so that she would not remain in the cold while we attempted to get the car out of the parking spot. Once the sister took her daughter back in the house, she stayed in the house for a measurable amount of time before she decided to go back outside to help her brother. While the sister was still in the house, the brother had been shoveling for an extended amount of time, as well as placing rock salt on the ice around the wheels of the car, hoping that it would melt the ice quickly. The brother had done a great deal in terms of helping his sister dig out of her parking
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Conflict Analysis paper - Langston1 Eric S Langston...

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