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Mediation Analysis Paper

Mediation Analysis Paper - Langston1 Eric S Langston...

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Langston1 Eric S. Langston Communication and Conflict Dr. Joseph Folger Mediation Analysis Paper April 19, 2011 On April 07, 2011, I attended a mediation session at Tuttleman Counseling Services with my partner Cindy Lin. My partner and I role played as if we were dating, and while dating, I opened a line on my cell phone account so that Cindy was able to have a cell phone. During the role play, we established that Cindy was new to America, and she did not have all of the necessary documentation in order to get a phone in her name. I broke up with Cindy because the relationship was not working out, and after the relationship came to an end, Cindy continued to use the cell phone that was in my name. It was my desire that Cindy return the phone to me, so that I could have that line cancelled. Cindy could not comprehend why she needed to return the phone because she was paying the bill on time and there were no visible issues with her continuing to use the phone. I wanted the phone cancelled because Cindy stated that she did not have “a lot of money,” and to avoid my credit being at stake due to lack of funds, I wanted her to pay for the phone to be cancelled, and find another way to get a cell phone in her name. Cindy or I could not come to a reasonable agreement, so we went to mediation with a CERT peer, hoping that they would be able to resolve our dispute. Upon arrival to the mediation session, I was nervous that I would laugh at some point of the mediation because I knew that it was a role play and not a real scenario between Cindy and I. Having the understanding that we would get the best results of the mediation without the peer mediators knowing that this was a role play, I was able to keep composure without laughing during the mediation. It was my goal to make it as realistic as possible. The scenario was Cindy’s idea, and the scenario was great for a practice role play. The scenario was very believable, and
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Langston2 something that I would consider to be a typical issue that could possible arise after a relationship ends. I believe this was a good scenario because it was complicated, but not too difficult to comprehend. Typically, there are many circumstances that may come to surface when a relationship ends. Seeing that many issues come up when a break up occurs, Cindy and I decided to free lance and randomly make complaints about one another. We brought up things that we did not like about each other, with the hopes that the peer mediators would see that there were many issues in our relationship; which ultimately resulted in our breakup. It was my intention to prove that the cell phone issue was the only component that caused me to be in communication with Cindy. The cell phone was the only reason why we still needed to keep a line of
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Mediation Analysis Paper - Langston1 Eric S Langston...

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