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Eric S. Langston Mosaic II Dr. Fischer Section 029 Essap Prompt # 2 September 19, 2009
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Dear NIH, I am Dr. Eric S. Langston, and I am a descendant of the legendary Dr. Edward Jenner. Clearly I never had the opportunity to be in the presence of Dr. Jenner, but as you well know, Dr. Jenner was the first person to do an extensive study on the smallpox disease and also the first to conduct smallpox vaccinations. I am a respected Immunologist today who studies the human immune system, and the body’s ability to resist disease. It has already been established that we are facing a potential H1N1 epidemic, which is referred to as the “swine flu.” The “swine flu” is spread just like the normal seasonal influenza virus. Seeing that I am an immunologist, it is my sincere interest to make sure that the human immune system is capable of producing immunity to any type of disease or virus. Dr. Jenner’s approach by means of the smallpox vaccination was immoral because he did not provide his patients with adequate knowledge of the causes and effects of the deliberate administration of the smallpox vaccine. While I am aware of the potential H1N1 epidemic, I propose an alternative approach to fight this prospective epidemic. I am in favor of being able to vaccinate those individuals who choose to be vaccinated after they have been properly educated about the H1N1 vaccination, but I am against giving the vaccinations if we don’t have general consent from the patients. It is my proposal that we do not implement mandatory vaccinations for everyone, but that
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Paper 1 - Eric S. Langston Mosaic II Dr. Fischer Section...

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