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Final Review Notes - Study Group for Final Bone o Plot...

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Study Group for Final Bone o Plot Summary Starts from present, goes back to the past – reflects haunting Starts with Mason the boyfriend Talks about Ona committing suicide Hardship parents went through Laundromat – Leon got cheated out of money by Ona’s boyfriend’s dad Ma and Nina take trip to China Ma comes back refreshed and happy Tommy – landlord Ma worked for him at sewing place o Talk about how style reflects narrative Going to the past because haunted by Ona’s suicide Always hung up by Ona, never over it Felt guilty for not being able to stop it o Inter-familial conflict; familial segregation o “Bone” – Grandpa’s bones not buried in China Curse upon family Native Speaker o Not a reliable narrator because he is a spy and takes on a lot of identities o Plot Summary Talks about how he met his wife, talks about being a spy Does profile summaries Follows John Kwang to see if he will run for election – 2 nd chance
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Messed up on job for therapist Wife leaves him because he doesn’t show emotion After son died, Henry never talked about it Secretive of work Feels like he’s not being natural When he speaks his English, too perfect so not natural He always thinks about what he wants to say He’s really truthful, she feels like it’s unreal
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Final Review Notes - Study Group for Final Bone o Plot...

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