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Journal 1 - minorities”(p 5 – that contrary to popular...

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Yip 1 Stacey Yip Professor Michael Monteon DOC 1: Diversity, Section B02 3 October 2009 A Different Mirror: The Making of Multicultural America In Chapter One of A Different Mirror by Ronald Takaki, Takaki introduces the importance of multiculturalism and why America’s rich history of diversity is essential in understanding how America came to be. He starts the chapter with a personal anecdote about being mistaken as an immigrant, and then goes on to state that Americans use a filter in seeing people – that through what he calls the “Master Narrative of American History” (p. 4), it became common knowledge that Americans can only be white, and any non-white is termed ‘the Other.’ He argues that this filter found throughout all Americans’ thinking is completely wrong, and that today’s increasing racial diversity is testing the Master Narrative. He claims that “we will all be
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Unformatted text preview: minorities” (p. 5) – that contrary to popular belief that the majority in America is white or Caucasian, all Americans have such rich backgrounds that there will be no majority – each person has a different story, and each story is what makes America unique and diverse. Takaki then goes on to explain that studying diversity is crucial in understanding America’s birth and how it became a nation made up of many nations. He lists the different ethnicities he will be covering in the coming chapters and then goes on to give a brief history of each one, all the while making a point to contrast the treatment of each culture by the white conquerors. He closes the chapter by stating that “Americans are not a narrow tribe” (p. 20) – that America’s diverse background of numerous cultures is the key to unlocking the history of a great nation....
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