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Yip 1 Stacey Yip Professor Aimee Zygmonski TDGE 11 2 December 2009 Paper Two: Overcoming Racial Stereotypes As race has always been a prevalent issue in American society, so has it also been in American cinema. Countless films have been written and made about a certain race, or targeted at a certain race for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include educating audiences about a certain race’s cultural history and/or background and challenging a certain race from common stereotypes in society. Two examples that demonstrate the latter from this quarter’s course syllabus are the highly acclaimed and award-winning film Crash and the not-so-widely known Better Luck Tomorrow . Both movies challenge highly accepted stereotypes in American society; whereas Crash focuses on numerous races, Better Luck Tomorrow primarily centers around Asian-Americans. The plots of the two films raise questions of controversy over the actions of the different races, and challenge the widely-held stereotypes of American society. In Crash and Better Luck Tomorrow , both films acknowledge human nature’s proclivity to place races into certain stereotypes, boxing them in, and then show that these races can and do step outside the stereotypical box more often than not. In the film Crash , the plot is all about race and how stereotypes get in the way of understanding each other. Through the use of many intertwined storylines, the characters representing numerous races end up “crashing” into one another at the end of the movie, allowing the audience to see the different races interact with one another. Like the title suggests, this clashing of races help to signify the impact of stereotypes in people’s view of each other.
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Yip 2 The film starts off with an acknowledgement of the popular stereotypes in American society, but as the film progresses, these stereotypes are challenged through the actions of the characters. This allows the audience to see a clear contrast between the accepted stereotypes of races and how races are different than the popular beliefs. Because the film shows the many sides to each character, the audience is able to see each race as multi-faceted and not just one-dimensional. Crash ultimately brings the audience to new perspectives on racial stereotypes and challenge them to see people for who they are and not just associate skin color to widely held beliefs. Better Luck Tomorrow is another film from the syllabus that allows audiences to rethink stereotypes, this time focusing on Asian-Americans. The film tells the story of a group of high school boys who appear on the outside like the typical Asian-American: intelligent, well- rounded, with stellar performance in all things academic. As the film develops, however, it is
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Paper Two_Crash and Better Luck Tomorrow - Y ip 1 Stacey...

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