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Demo Project Report

Demo Project Report - the mixture it will act like a liquid...

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When distinguishing states of matter, it is usually easy to tell whether something is a liquid or solid. However, there are some cases where mixtures can act as both a liquid and a solid. One such example is the mixture of corn starch and water. When roughly a quarter cup of cornstarch is mixed together with a quarter cup of water, a strange mixture is created that is both liquid and solid in form. This can be explained by understanding viscosity. Viscosity is the term used to describe how fast or slow a liquid flows. Most fluids are described as Newtonian fluids, because they have a viscosity that only depends on the temperature. This mixture of cornstarch and water is what we would call Non-Newtonian, because the viscosity depends on the force applied and how fast the object is moving through the liquid. When one quickly taps on the mixture, it will appear hard like a solid. However, when one moves a hand or finger slowly into
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Unformatted text preview: the mixture, it will act like a liquid. With cornstarch itself, it has a quality that allows for it to absorb the water. When this absorption takes place, barriers are formed that hold the water in the starch molecule. These barriers are flexible but stiffen when force is applied, demonstrating the Non-Newtonian characteristic mentioned. Looking at this example of cornstarch and water is particularly interesting because of its parallel to quicksand. Quicksand acts like the cornstarch and water mixture from the demonstration in that it is also a Non-Newtonian fluid. When one becomes trapped in quicksand, it is usually the first instinct to struggle to get out of it. This, however, adds pressure, making escaping more difficult. The best way to escape quicksand is to move towards solid ground slowly, and to try and distribute one’s weight to reduce the pressure....
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