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Midterm 2 Study Guide - Mus. 11 Klezmer Midterm 2 Study...

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Mus. 11 Klezmer Midterm 2 Study Guide People (when, where, what they did) Ezekial of Alexandria Tsar Alexander II – Russia ruler 1855 Modernized country; freed serfs; censorship was relaxed; restrictions were lifted to Jews; Jewish children no longer drafted into army by age 12; Jews were admitted into Russian universities; allowed Yiddish theater to exist Assassinated 1881 Tsar Alexander III – took over 1881 Decided to forbid Yiddish theater 1882 mass immigration to America Moses Mendelssohn – one of founders of Hakala movement Wanted to make it so Jewish people could be part of society in Western Europe Made it possible for Jewish people to play at non-Jewish affairs Berl Broder - went around to different cities and entertain people in new way Sing songs in pantomime, act in costumes; character portrayal of songs he sang; became known as Broder Zingers Abraham Goldfadn – father of Yiddish theater 1876 (with Grodner) Liked to write, tired to open up a shop, publisher – established Yiddish newspapers (but failed) One of first persons to put women on stage Emphasized morality plays Wrote 400 plays in lifetime Yisrael Grodner – Yiddish entertainer; collaborated with Goldfaden Jacob P. Adler – star of Yiddish theater in Russia/London Worked with Goldfaden for awhile Recruited Jacob Gordin in New York Boris Thomashefski – founder of Yiddish theater in America Not trying to educate anybody, Yiddish theater meeting place for immigrants Jacob Gordin – started out in NY as a journalist, wrote for Yiddish newspapers On the side wrote plays, not musicals Translated Shakespeare into Yiddish and put in theater Tried to raise quality in Yiddish theater
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Midterm 2 Study Guide - Mus. 11 Klezmer Midterm 2 Study...

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