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July's People - Royce Smales The youngest of the Smales...

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July’s People Character List July aka Mwawate – The Smales’ servant who takes in his “masters” and protects them from the revolution taking place in South Africa. Bamford Smales – Privileged white South African who must give up his old life when he is forced to flee with his family to July’s village. Both he and his wife are against apartheid. Maureen Smales – The focus of the novel and the wife of Bamford, claims to understand July better but in reality gets into more heated arguments with him. Victor Smales – The eldest of the Smales’ children, represents the idea of white power. He tries to maintain racial separation even amidst July’s village. Gina Smales – The middle child, represents hope for South Africa. She is not broken down by racial barriers but surpasses those barriers and makes a best friend in July’s village, also learning the local language. Nyiko – Gina’s best friend
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Unformatted text preview: Royce Smales The youngest of the Smales children, too young to really understand what is taking place. Daniel Julys friend, befriends the Smales family. However, he disappears when Bams gun goes missing and is implied that he has stolen the gun to join the revolution. Martha Julys wife, does not have much reaction to the Smales living with them Ellen Julys mistress from the city, an office cleaner from Botswana Lydia Maureens servant when she was a young girl, of whom she loved. However, Maureen realizes in her flashback of Lydia that she was blind and ignorant to the master/servant relationship that they had. Tsatsawani Julys mother, gave up her hut for the Smales family to live in. She is apprehensive of the white family and does not like Maureen. The Chief Ruler of the area, does not identify with the black revolutionists...
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