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Build a Cell - garbage in a cell Peroxisome The toothpaste...

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Stacey Yip BILD 10 1/12/10 Build a Cell Workshop Nucleus : The external hard drive represents the nucleus because it stores information just like the nucleus stores data. Endoplasmic Reticulum : The water bottle represents the ER because water helps flush out all the toxins in one’s body, just like the ER detoxifies chemicals. Mitochondria : The gummy bears represent the mitochondria because it gives me energy just like the mitochondria produces energy inside the cell. Golgi Apparatus : The Sharpie represents the golgi apparatus because it labels items just like the golgi apparatus tags molecules with sugars. Lysosome : The garbage bag represents the lysosome because it holds trash just like the lysosome holds
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Unformatted text preview: garbage in a cell. Peroxisome : The toothpaste represents the peroxisome because it breaks down plaque like the peroxisome breaks down fatty acids. Microtubules : The scissor represents the microtubules because it helps split things just like the microtubules aid in cell division. Intermediate Filaments : The mousse represents the intermediate filaments because it gives my wavy hair structured curls just like the intermediate filaments keeps the cell structured. Actin Filaments : The rubber band represents the actin filaments because it stretches and contracts just like the actin filaments help muscles contract....
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