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Debate Notes - BILD 10 Debates DEBATE Annual Mammograms...

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BILD 10 Debates DEBATE – Annual Mammograms GOV’T: Breast cancer is not commonly found through mammograms, because it is not always caught Harmful effects through mammograms Cardiovascular diseases (50% deaths) are more deadly than breast cancer (4% deaths) Higher mortality rate through annual mammograms False positives lead to further tests and can be more harmful/expensive There are more effective methods OPPO: Mammograms can detect changes in breast tissue early Breast cancer numbers are climbing, so mammograms are needed Women are more vulnerable to breast cancer after menopause 70% of women with breast cancer are unaccounted for Decreases mortality rate Decreased number of breast cancer cases because of mammograms Mammograms now are cheaper than breast cancer treatment later DEBATE – Patenting Genomes GOV’T: Limits research leading to no cure Takes a part of a person away from him/her Hinders free flow of info Hinders research, does not promote discovery Yields competition for research, not cure OPPO: Can lead to further discovery Minimizes duplicate research, which yields faster discovery for cures Companies will start pioneering for new discovery methods since they cannot afford patented genes DEBATE – @ Birth Cancer Testing GOV’T: Detects cancer earlier Technology is available, so save lives with it Takes away uncertainty of babies having cancer or not
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Debate Notes - BILD 10 Debates DEBATE Annual Mammograms...

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