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1. What is the difference between embryonic stem cells and iPScells? How about SCNT cells? 2. IPs cells are induced pluripotent stem cells which are basically reprogrammed. You take a cell and you change it by inserting the desired gene into it. Only embryonic cells can answer the questions about human development and fertility. Scientists will most likely rely on SCNT cells to produce mammalian diseases and for agricultural applications. Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent which means that they can generate any cell in the body, and are cells that are derived from human embryos. iPS cells are induced, which is like taking a skin cell and reprogramming it to be a different type of cell. iPS cells and embryonic stem cells are very similar. iPS cells are becoming more popular now because it provides hope to create therapies for diseases and injuries. SCNT cells (somatic cell nuclear transfer) are created by taking an egg and removing the nucleus, then adding a new nucleus from a somatic cell. Then the egg can act as a fertilized and can divide,
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